Wedding 360

(above - Sean Lowe)

Last week I attended a fabulous event in San Francisco hosted by Wedding 360. I got to hear so many of my favorite wedding planners, designers and consultants speak candidly about the industry and the future of weddings.

Some of my favorite tidbits were from Rebecca Grinnals - "Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there." David Beahm - "See I have the luxury of being a gay man which means I get to walk into a room and say 'Oh this is fabulous, you must simply have this!' and people believe me." and Tara Guerard "My biggest pet peeve is when people can't get a drink at the bar. It's like, no one is dancing because I've only had one scotch and soda and I need about four more to get on the dancefloor! I will cut decor before I cut bartenders at the bar!"

Such a fun couple days and a great experience!

David BeahmThat's me, in the audience!

Ethan from Componere

Oh the best part! Ethan from Componere (ammmmmazing caterer!) presented a food and wine pairing with Henry Wine Group. He made the most amazing dish I've ever seen/eaten. It looked simple enough, a hard boiled egg on a bed of greens, but it was really mozzarella cheese and a puree of yellow heirloom tomatoes inside. Very cool! (pictured below)

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