Equestrian Elegance on Snippet and Ink!

I'm thrilled to be featured today on the blog, Snippet and Ink!

We had so much fun creating this scene. Wiyanna, the fabulous hair and make-up stylist, and Larissa, amazing wedding photographer, ride horses together at Wiyanna's ranch. They approached me wanting to create a horsey themed wedding. I immediately thought of Ralph Lauren polo, English manors and gold-rimmed china. But it wouldn't be any fun for me to create this beautiful look in a ballroom, I wanted it in the horse barn!

We found this backdrop of Hay in the working barn and set about creating the tablescape with that as the dramatic background. My mother's beautiful dining room has a wall devoted to symmetrical framed photos of mushroom and fungi Audubon style prints and sketches and I thought how fun it would be to recreate her dining room in a horse barn and use anatomy prints of horses in the frames.

We found a beautiful silk tablecloth from La Tavola (they have a crazy good selection by the way) and got most of the table props from West Elm. I was loving the idea of the anatomy horse prints and wanted to take that idea a step further. I remember seeing a case of entomology dioramas at the Walters Art Museum growing up and thought how cool it would be if each guest could receive a mounted butterfly favor. I thought there was no way I would have time to order them or have them made and then I came accross Kevin's website, Bug Under Glass, and found out he lived and worked not 2 miles away from my office! I went over and got to see his room full of amazing bug treasures and we picked out some beautiful butterflies to use as the guest gifts.

Larissa was walking by a lighting store in San Francisco's design district and called me on the phone. She found the perfect light fixture at Dogfork made out of an old tractor wheel and when I saw it I knew right away it would complete the look.

I worked with Michael and his phenomenal team on the flowers for the arrangement. I knew the colors and style I wanted but Michael surprised me with the amazing selection of flowers he found at the market. He is a superb flower shopper, superb. Jennifer made the boutonnieres and bouquet. I love how the ribbon on the parrot tulip bouquet looks like leather in the photos.

Hello Lucky and Sweet on Cake came in and really brought the shoot to life with their fun take on a horse-themed wedding. I love the play on plaid for the envelope liner and the way they styled the pieces on the peaches. Amber made the horse shoes on the cake and even the little nails out of fondant and Hello Lucky let us borrow their collection of vintage horse ribbons that happened to be in the right color and made us a chalkboard for the pony rides.

The dress, from Judd Wadell, belonged to Wiyanna and the jewelery is from Larissa's parents amazing store. Wiyanna made our already very beautiful model a true knock-out with a fun, French hairstyle and sophisticated make-up look.

I could not be more pleased with the way this all turned out. It was a hot day and everyone went the extra mile, especially our gorgeous models who waited around fully clothed for a few hours for the sun to be just right. I'm so glad they did.