Wise words from Ali Berlin

The wedding is a process which begins way before the day of the planned event, and it’s essential to understand the bliss, emotional sensitivity, thought patterns, highs and lows of this very special time in your life. With some reflection, people come to realize that the actual “work” in the wedding preparation is beyond choosing the perfect flowers and fare. It’s a chance to get clear about what it means to be and become consecrated life partners in today’s world. People often channel their unrealized feelings and unidentified discomfort into the planning, detail obsession and creation of petty arguments. You can relieve yourself of this stress by grounding your actions and thoughts in an honest, present and clear intention about the overall meaning of your wedding. This paves the way and sets the tone for your marriage. It’s a template for couples to learn about handling potentially challenging or very highly sensitive times. From this place, you can refine your understanding of the marital commitment and the meaning of the ceremony skyrockets. Plus, it’s much more fun.

From Ali Berlin