You Might Be Cut Out to be a Wedding Planner...

I was driving down to Carmel for a wedding a few weeks ago and I started thinking about all the random jobs I do as a wedding planner and how different life experiences have prepared me for the job. Here are some ways to know if you're cut out to be a wedding or event planner:

- You can lose hours organizing your cosmetics drawer.

As a kid my favorite chore was organizing those messy drawers in our house. I remember I would dump everything out on the floor, clean out the drawer and create systems to meticulously put everything back in it's place. I fantasize about orderly celebrity closets and I think the dishwasher is my favorite appliance because everything has it's place. That's not say that all planners are Type A compulsive. Far from it. I find that a lot of the best planners I know have messy homes and spontaneous schedules but they all share an enjoyment of creating systems and organizing chaos.

- You really loved that year or summer you spent as a waitress/bartender

Having some service experience is a must if you want to be a wedding planner. You have to love waiting on people, anticipating their needs and being a good host with a smile and a sense of humor. It's also helpful to know good service techniques to make sure your caterers and servers are providing the best level of service. And certainly having experience running around on your feet for 10 hours will prepare you for the taxing hours.

- You can get nasty with an Excel spreadsheet

A lot of my job requires making in depth budgets, production schedules and other complicated documents using Excel. I really love entering the calculations, formatting my documents and making them as easy to read as possible.

- When group projects are assembled in school, you always take the lead

No doubt about it, you have to be a leader. Sometimes my job requires managing dozens of people at once. You have to be able to prioritize, speak up when something isn't right, come up with creative solutions on the spot and make decisions with confidence.

- You are a good listener and a supportive friend

Any time you get two extended families together in one place there is bound to be drama. You can't be the type that shies away from stressed, emotional people. A big part of my job is listening, being able to see both sides of the situation and offering advice or support when needed.

- You know your way around a toolbox

It's really helpful if you know how to use a hammer, screwdriver, glue gun, and sewing kit. When last minute tasks come up you have to be a little handy and problem solve when things break down or don't work. I have always been the nerd my friends call when they have a computer issue and I love the challenge of troubleshooting to find a solution.