Summer Reading

A few great books to check out as summer comes to an end.

The Catch-All Wedding Planner
Mindy Weiss
put together the quintessential planning guide that covers everything you need to know from putting together a budget to finding a florist. Super helpful and well organized it answers most of your wedding questions.

The Destination Planner
If you're having a destination wedding, Alison Hotchkiss of Alison Events gives great tips and sets the modern girls rules to destination wedding etiquette. This book helps identify what you need to try to control and what you need to let go of when planning your destination wedding.

The Style Setter

Pure eye candy and design inspiration from Tara Guerard of Soiree. Original, elegant, lavish and tasteful, this book shows how a wedding with an unlimited budget can be over the top without being ostentatious.

Trashy Beach Reads

Nora Roberts has put together an engrossing series of books about four best friends from high school who start a wedding company together called Vows. The Bride Quartet series chronicles the story of each friend falling in love and planning her wedding from the Photographer to the Florist to the Pastry Chef and finally (coming out this Winter) the Planner. A super fun read for anyone who loves all things wedding.