Shannon Leahy interviewed for Carroll Magzine

When I was home over the Thanksgiving holiday my mother and I gave a joint interview about decorating for the holidays to the local magazine in the county I grew up in.  Here is an excerpt but you can read the article here.

Deck Your Halls With Boughs of Style

Going Green
Not only is “green” a traditional holiday color, but it also characterizes a new trend in decorating. San Francisco-based event planner Shannon Leahy, daughter of Westminster resident and interior designer Susan Leahy, said that some companies, such as West Elm (, offer decorations made out of recycled materials. She added that people are also making the eco-friendly choice to purchase live Christmas trees that can be planted after the Christmas holiday.

Building Collections
Many people build holiday collections, from miniature Santas and nutcrackers to retro ornaments and angels. Depietro said the collections serve several purposes: among them being the attachment of personal meanings and memories.

“I once decorated a home for a woman who has hundreds of nutcrackers,” said Depietro. “They are in all sizes, from all places around the world and they are in every corner of her home during the holidays – down the staircase, on the mantle – and she had stories about where she got them over the years.”

Shannon and Susan Leahy agreed that collections are popular holiday decorations. Susan said she has been collecting crystal glass ornaments for 25 years, and Shannon collects all-glass Santas.

“I have a huge collection of glass ornaments,” said Susan Leahy. “So I start with those and then add a color theme that I carry throughout the rest of the house. Last year I used Magnolia leaves and copper, it was beautiful.”

Shannon Leahy added that copper is really easy to work with and has a color that offers an alternative to the more traditional gold and silver.