Interview with DJ Josh Dukes

Rock the party

This month I'm interviewing one of my favorite Bay Area DJs, Josh Dukes about how to get the most from your music experience.

In addition to being an all-around awesome tunesmith, Josh has a pretty incredible tool on his website where clients can go to enter their choices for song requests.  It also compiles all the greatest hits from previous weddings and it's no surprise to all of us in the wedding industry that Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling" tops the overall most requested song charts.  The most popular bouquet toss song?   "Single Ladies" by Beyonce of course.  If you're stuck on a father-daughter song or a melody to play while cutting the cake, check out his top 50 most requested songs in each category here.

DJ Josh Dukes

Shannon Leahy Events: What's the best way to get the most from your DJ or Band at your wedding?
DJ Josh Dukes: Be very specific about the types of music you and your guests will enjoy. Make sure there is plenty of time allotted for the dance party!

SLE: How many Must Play and Do Not Play songs should someone send you?
DJ: Rarely do i get must play and do not play lists. I recommend requesting 10-20 songs and letting your DJ/Band fill in the gaps with their own style. Let them read the crowd and play what is working at that moment.
SLE: Have you seen any trends emerging for 2011 in terms of people's music selections?
DJ: House music is becoming very popular again. So more upbeat pop/house music seems to work well in most cases.

SLE: What is the best advice you can give to those clients that really want to have a rocking dance party?
DJ: Let your DJ 'do their thing'. Give them creative control to read the crowd and play what they know will work.
The most successful dance parties i've seen are ones that the bride and groom only requested a couple songs and asked me NOT to honor requests. Also, when the bride and groom are dancing alot, their guests will follow suit.

SLE: What type of music would you play at YOUR wedding?
DJ: Haha, thats a tough one. Im the type of DJ that would want to play my own wedding. I'd want 90's hip hop, funky house, 80's classics.

SLE: What are the benefits of hiring a DJ instead of a Band?
DJ: Thats easy. Generally DJ's are much cheaper. They can play ANY song/style of music.

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