Hear me Speak! Aha Moment: February 9th

Aha Moment Live:
The Wedding Industry

An informational Q&A with career coach,
Suzannah Scully

Ever wonder how someone became an event planner or a photographer in the wedding industry?  Or thought to yourself that you would love to do that but you could never because of this reason or that?
Now is your time to ask the experts just how they got to where they are.  Suzannah Scully has assembled a panel of industry professionals:
Shannon Leahy - Event Planner
Lindsey Stafford - Photographer
Misty Meyer & Kathy Swindle - High end stationary boutique owners
Suzannah Scully will be moderating the panel discussion and then will be opening it up to Q&A from the group.

The Republic
3213 Scott Street
San Francisco, California

Wednesday, February 9th at 7 PM

Buy tickets here

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