IMOW Annual Gala by Shannon Leahy Events, March 10th, 2011

This past summer I was approached by a fabulous women's charity organization, The International Museum of Women (IMOW) about designing their annual Gala.  I was beyond excited for the opportunity and pitched them an idea of doing all the decor out of colorful duct tape.  Needless to say I was met with a lot of quizzical looks and for the better part of the last year I've been known as "the duct tape lady" to all involved with the project.  Luckily the organization took a chance on me and I'm so proud of the event we created together.

I worked with Melissa Howden Productions who produced all the incredible logistics for this complicated evening and made the event absolutely smooth and seamless.  The organizaton's goals for the decor were for it to be modern, fresh and forward-thinking to reflect the work that the online museum does every day.  I'm really pleased with the way everything turned out.

Guests were lead up the driveway at Terra with a white carpeted entrance studded with colorful duct tape leading the way to the registration tables.  IMOW photography hung from the covered walkway that Hartmann Studios constructed.

 Upon entering guests were greeted with a 20' x 12' wall of duct tape spelling out the IMOW logo that members of my amazing crew spent most of the day creating.

Walking into the cocktail hour you saw the bottom half of a 15' sculpture of a woman made out of painted cardboard created specially for the event realized by Joshua Short.
Her other half placed upstairs to create the illusion she was going right through the floorboards.

For the upstairs dinner a modern white palette was accented with the colorful springtime colors of the duct tape we selected for the event.  Atelier Joya created beautiful centerpieces of clustered carnations and mums in sleek white vessels.

I'm so pleased with the way the duct tape made such a stunning backdrop for the presentation.

Downstairs, in the lounge, live artists created pieces to auction off at the charity.  The genius chair of the lounge event, Paige Sprincin, came up with this concept as a way to engage guests in conversation with real women artists and I think it really helped break the ice.


My team made duct tape corsages for the committee members to wear that were attached to their dresses with magnets.


For a sweet finale, I worked with Courtney & Casey of Help me Get Hitched to make a decadent dessert display for the lounge that incorporated my duct tape theme.

Nicole Paulson captured the event with great lighting by Impact.  Oh and you can even see my duct tape pillows here!  Hurrah!

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