Farmstead Rehearsal Dinner

Shoshana and Jeremy had their casual, laid-back rehearsal dinner at Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena. What can I say, this was such an incredible evening.  Sheamus Feeley, head chef at Farmstead prepared an amazing menu including ham and biscuits; deviled eggs and hash-brown appetizers.  Smoked steak; tuna and porchetta with fresh asparagus and beets for dinner.  Finished off by an assortment of desserts served in mini mason jars; chocolate pudding; lemon custard and more.  There was an incredible blues band and lots of thoughtful toasts.  A great lead-in to the couple's wedding the next night at Durham Ranch (for which I posted the inspiration photos here!).  All photos by Sasha Gulish.


Head Chef, Sheamus Feeley

Me with the Flower Girl