Wedding Treasure Hunt


Last month I planned a wedding for a funloving couple who wanted to have a scavenger hunt into their wedding!  I thought this was a really cool idea and had a lot of fun thinking of ways to incorporate it into the guest experience throughout the night.  Please excuse my poor quality iPhone photos, the photographer, Gia Canali is sure to have some much prettier shots, but I just wanted to share the logistics of the game for now.

When guests arrived at the ceremony they received their program with a large personalized pencil.  The back of the program was the answer sheet for the scavenger hunt and the pencil doubled as a flag that guests waved when Emily & Joe recessed down the aisle.  The answer sheet explained the game at the top and included the first question

Clue 1:
"Joe and Emily met in a bar named after this type of tree"



After the ceremony guests headed into cocktail hour where waiters passed drinks with cocktail napkins that contained clue number two.  The cocktail hour was inside the Conservatory of Flowers so the clue was meant to lead guests to a plant in the special exhibit "Wicked Plants" which also happened to be where the bar and music were playing and so had a lot of foot traffic.

Clue 2:
"Which wicked plant from the genus Strophanthus is known for its effects on the heart?"

We put a big flag on the plant to help direct guests to this clue "Kombe":

Next guests were invited to dinner and Clue Number 3 was written on their Escort Card:
Clue 2: "What do all the table names have in common?"

This clue forced guests to walk around to the other tables to see what the other names where, can you guess the answer to this based on the escort cards below?  The bride and groom thought it would be clever to have every guest seated at Table Number One so the tables were identified by the word "one" in all different languages. 


The next clue was on the table number itself, a word scramble:

Clue 3: "Unscramble the letters to reveal your secret message YBASHYOUROUTOKE

_ _ _ _ _       _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _"   

Can you unscramble it?  "Shake your booty" !

 Finally on the desert display guests ran into the fifth and final clue, the tie-breaker clue,
Clue 5: "Guess how many candies in the jar?" 

They were then instructed to find the white birdcage and place their clues inside.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the full birdcage but out of 150 guests there were at least 30-40 total entries - not bad!

Here's the winning card, above!  Fun!

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