Engagement Shoot - Morgan and Brendan

I'm so excited about the way Morgan & Brendan's engagement shoot photos turned out!  Sasha Gulish did a truly incredible job, they look like something out of a magazine!

An engagement shoots are becoming more and more popular and for good reason, here's why I think an engagement shoot is a great idea:

Dry Run:  It's great to test out being the subject of a photoshoot if it's not something that you are very familiar with (and must of us aren't!).  You can see in the photos what poses and angles look good and which you should avoid so you can feel more confident on your wedding day.   If you haven't officially signed your photographer yet it's also can be a great way to make sure you're happy with the results before you sign OR if you have already signed on for the wedding day you can look at the results from the shoot to explain what you do and don't like so they know what you like going into the wedding day. 

Announcements: Using a photo from your engagement shoot is a great way to announce your engagement or for a  save the date card.

- Momento: Let's face it, while you're wedding day photos will surely be incredible, you don't want your first house together to be entirely filled of photos of you from one day!  An engagement shoot captures a romantic, special time in the life of your relationship and if you switch it up by visiting different locations and changing clothes you can end up with a variety of pictures to frame for your house together.  Check out Morgan and Brendan's outfit changes and location changes for an idea of how to do this, fun!