Nancy & Lou's Wedding - Greenwich, Connecticut

San Francisco is all about rain this week.  Feels right to snuggle up in PJs and work from home but today I dragged myself into the office to get some early work done.  Finally rested up after the big weekend and after two destination jobs in a row I'm looking forward to some bright, fresh Bay Area weddings this Summer.  Looking at gorgeous photos of all the properties I'm working at online is definitely lightening my mood.  Now if I could only find a venue for my own wedding...

So today I'm posting Nancy and Lou's wedding from December 18th in Greenwich Connecticut.  Nancy's story has been one of my favorites to tell friends and family when they ask if I'm working on any interesting jobs this year.  Her first wedding at age 58 to the love of her life, Nancy was as excited and nervous as a young blushing bride.  Friends with Lou for years, after his wife passed he told Nancy he had admired her from afar for a long time and asked her if she would go out with him.  He swept her off her feet and took her on fabulous dates and spoiled her rotten.  Meanwhile she breathed life into him, gave him a fashion makeover and inspired him to loose almost 70 pounds!

They tied the knot at a small wedding in Greenwich (the Bride's hometown) so that her Mother who was in her late 90s could see her daughter marry.  Her Mom was thrilled having her hair and make-up done and walking down the aisle seeing Nancy off.  She passed away last month after the wedding.

Nancy and Lou are throwing a big, fun party in San Francisco to celebrate with all their friends that I'm also helping them plan.  Expect to see more photos from this adorable couple.  Pics by Sasha Gulish who flew out from San Francisco with me.

I love that the florist, KD&J Botanica, brought adorable boxes for guests to take arrangements home in, nice touch at the end of the party!