Interview with Anna Kuperberg

This past month I was able to sit down with one of my favorite photographers, Anna Kuperberg, and ask her a few questions about her craft.  Little known fact, when I first struck out on my own I did a little part time work with Anna Kuperberg and got to sit in the office and get sneak peaks at all the gorgeous photos.  This photo below is one of my favorites from a day-after "trash the dress" shoot with my Bride, Caroline.  Amazing, it looks like an art piece!

Shannon Leahy Events:
What is a typical day in the life of Anna Kuperberg like?
Anna Kuperberg:  Sitting at a computer edting.   It is not glamorous at all!

SLE: Your photos are always so creative and stand outside the wedding photographer norm, where do you go for inspiration and how do you continue to push your creativity shoot after shoot?

AK: I think it's because I'm still having fun.   And also because I am very sentimental, I get inspired by all the emotion at weddings.  Also, I'm lucky to have clients who really trust me.   So I have a lot of freedom and clients are always happy to let me come up with ideas because they know I'm doing it with them in mind, to create a surprise for them, something beyond their expectations.  Which brings me back to what I said about having fun  :)

SLE: Is there a wedding or event photo you can share that you've taken in the last few years that really stands out to you?  What do you like about it?

AK: The one of Caroline in the pool!   I love it because she is gorgeous, and she also looks like such an athlete.   It's a picture of a powerful person.

SLE: Of all the locations you've shot, which is your favorite?

AK: I am really more about the people than the locations.    However, I never complain when I have to shoot in Hawaii.

SLE: Who are the people that work with you most often and the members of your fabulous team?

AK: I have two associates that you can book to shoot weddings through my studio, Beth and Toni.   Beth also works in my office so if you call, she'll probably be the one answering the phone. She is terrific with customer service and she's the nicest person ever as well as a great photographer.

SLE: What do you think is going to be the next big thing in wedding photography trends?

AK:  Back to basics.   Natural, normal color, real emotions, and nothing contrived.    A photo of a great moment is a timeless photo.   A photo that is about process and being clever will look dated.

I couldn't agree more!